Support & FAQ

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How do I connect my Slack to Blazon?
When you first install Blazon, you'll be directed to a screen that ask you to connect your Slack account. Click on the "Authorize Slack" button. If you need to update your Slack connection, go to the Settings page, click Integrations on the left panel, and click the "Authorize Slack" button again.
Which order notifications can I receive?
Get the following notifications sent: order cancelled, order created, order fulfilled, order paid, order updated, and order deleted. Want more? Send us a message!
I don't see any notifications in Slack. I know I'm receiving orders in Shopify.
First, make sure your notifications are on and set to send to an active Slack channel. Please reach out to us so we can fix this for you.
My account information looks incorrect. How can I update it?
Sorry about that. Blazon grabs your account information from both Shopify and Slack. If something looks off, please send us a message and we'll fix it right away.